Why A Doctor-Patient Relationship Matters

Why A Doctor-Patient Relationship Matters
March 27, 2019

Unfortunately, in our current healthcare system many people believe they should only go to the doctor when they’re sick. However, regular visits to your physician can do a lot of good for your body. From staying on top of potential health risks, to prevention and keeping your body in balance, there are so many reasons why you should be going to the doctor regularly.

Sometimes I have to wonder if many people don’t go to the doctor often simply because they don’t have a relationship with their provider?

I think it stems back to our fractured healthcare system and many patients feeling that doctor visits simply aren’t valuable, unless they are already sick.


Does It Really Matter If You Like Your Doctor?

My goal in practicing from the Direct Primary Care model is to rebuild these relationships and get my patients to come in more often.

So, does it really matter if you like your doctor or not? Yes! And research says so too.

Patients who have good relationships and effective communication with their physicians are:

  • More satisfied with their care.
  • Comfortable to share information about health conditions which lead to accurate diagnosis.
  • More likely to take their medications.
  • More likely to follow health advice.
  • Better able to manage their medical problems.

These are just a few of the benefits! Having a good relationship with your healthcare provider is just plain good for you.


My Promise to You

In an effort to break free from the red tape of traditional healthcare practices, I follow the Direct Primary Care model, see more on that here.

Thanks to this type of practice, I’m able to offer same-day appointments, and if not I will get you scheduled within 3 days. No appointment will ever be shorter than 30 minutes, and I’m proudly available at all times for my patients!

You can get in touch with me after hours via text or call, you can email us at hello@primarycaresimplified.com, or even find resources on the patient portal. Primary Care Simplified truly wants to make things as easy as possible for you so that you and your loved ones are feeling your best.


Get the Most Out of Your Healthcare

Now that you know what you can expect from me and the Primary Care Simplified team, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your visits to the office and staying on top of your health.

  • If we’re meeting for the first time, I recommend compiling some basic info about your medical history. A list of previous doctors plus their contact info, a list of your prescriptions, any hospitalizations or surgeries.


  • Look into your family medical history. Is there a history of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.?


  • Be honest! I’m on your side and my office is a judgement-free zone. Being truthful about your concerns, your history, and any “risky” behaviors you may partake in. All of this information is both private and privileged as well as vital to your healthcare.


  • Make a list of questions beforehand and don’t be afraid to ask! I want to go over all of your concerns.

All of these steps may seem simple enough, but they are important! I hope that you can use this information to make your doctor’s visits as efficient as possible.


Are you interested in learning more about the direct primary care model and my practice’s mission?

Get in touch with us through our contact page here or call us to schedule your consultation at 817.945.3949 today!



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