Smile Line Treatment

Smile Line Treatment

Cheek fillers provide support and structure to our facial volume. This treatment softens the smile lines and defines and sculpts the appearance of the cheeks.

What are smile lines?

Smile lines, sometimes called laugh lines, are deep lines that develop either side of the lower half of your face that extend out from the mouth. These lines appear because of the repeated muscle actions caused by smiling. As you age, these types of wrinkles become inevitable. Although they tell the stories of a life full of laughter, some feel that their smile lines make them look older than they really are. Fortunately, there are many options to help get rid of them.

What causes smile lines?

The sagging that comes with aging skin is a result of a change of elasticity. This is usually due to the loss of three important structural proteins: hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen. Each of these is vital for a youthful appearance.

Other main causes of smile lines include:

  • dehydrated skin
  • genetics
  • smoking
  • sun damage

Smile line treatment

Injectable fillers are the most popular treatment for those looking to smooth out smile lines without undergoing surgery. Many fillers are made from hyaluronic acid and are injected at the crease that goes from your mouth to your nose. You will see instant effects that last several months. On the rare occasion that you don’t like the results, they can be reversed.

Smile line fillers will immediately volumize and plump the skin, restoring youthful-looking skin. Our practitioners will provide you with post-treatment information on how to maximize the duration of the smile filler result.

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