Microneedling Treatments

Microneedling Treatment

Erase signs of aging, acne, and imperfections with microneedling. With the use of a microneedling pen – a device full of tiny needles – to prick the skin in order to generate new collagen growth and skin tissue, we can effectively treat scars, wrinkles, large pores, and hyperpigmentation, and give you an overall rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

This minimally invasive treatment is one the the best, and safest ways to get radiant, even skin with no downtime. The procedure takes about two hours, and you’ll see results within a few days. You may need four or more treatments for optimal results.

To get the best results from your microneedling procedure, you’ll need to see an experienced medical provider to ensure you get a safe and effective treatment plan. That’s exactly what we offer with our highly skilled Aestheticians at Primary Care Simplified.

Please check SkinStylus_Informed Consent   as reference which device we use.

Imagine having radiant, youthful skin, glowing and fresh, boosting your confidence every day. It’s possible with Microneedling. If you’re curious about microneedling, schedule your consultation at Primary Care Simplified today to learn more.

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