Therapies (Non-aesthetic) Services

At Primary Care Simplified, we provide our patients with a completely comprehensive approach to prevention and wellness. Our treatments are holistic and accessible, with meaningful face-to-face time with Dr McCracken and our team. Schedule your consultation so that we can learn more about your goals and identify areas for improvement.

Healthcare Memberships

We offer healthcare memberships and wellness and aesthetic care for every member of your family. Our plans start at $25/month. Enjoy benefits such as unlimited doctor appointments, reduced lab pricing, and many more!

Family Healthcare

It is very important to select the right family doctor for you and your family health. Dr. McCracken creates customized plans that are tailored to you and your family members to bring you lasting lifestyle changes and improvements in your health.

Disease Prevention

At Primary Care Simplified, we embrace the ideology of prevention, specifically disease prevention. By understanding your family medical history, Dr. McCracken can pinpoint any underlying health issues and guide you with evidence-based medicine.

BHRT – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (women + men)

This therapy is recommended for men and women whose own hormones are low or out of balance. Bioidentical hormones are plant-based hormones. As they are derived from nature, they metabolize the body in the same way as nature intends.

Weight Management

Dr. Rachael McCracken can help you get back in shape and maintain your goal weight with minimally invasive, non-surgical weight loss treatment. Slim shots are a mixture of amino acids, B vitamins and lipotropic agents, which increase your energy and metabolism to remove fat from the body.


At Primary Care Simplified we now carry a new range of supplements that work synergistically with the BHRT pellet treatment.

IV Therapy

Give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs! Our IV infusions improve the health of your immune system, boost your energy, improve depression and anxiety symptoms, boost mental clarity, reduce headaches, combat fatigue, and much more!

Minor Office Procedures

At Primary Care Simplified, we also provide minor treatments, such as abscess drainage, skin lesion removal, and laceration repair. Don’t live your life in discomfort. Join our accessible healthcare memberships for unlimited doctor appointments and adult wellness visits.

Women Wellness Exams

In order to thrive, it’s important to identify what can positively or negatively impact your health. That’s why we provide holistic healthcare which starts with a conversation. Dr. Rachael McCracken will listen to you and craft a customized plan that is designed to bring you lasting lifestyle changes so you can live a vibrant, healthy life!

Men's Physicals

It’s recommended that men older than 50 should have a yearly physical exam. Men younger than 50 should have a physical every three to five years. Even if you feel healthy, a regular checkup at PCS is an excellent tool to help you feel confident about your health and disease prevention.

Children's Physicals

Children’s physicals are a great way to track your child’s growth and health. Children from the age of three are recommended to have yearly physicals. At Primary Care Simplified, we offer very affordable healthcare memberships for your children.

Schedule Your Consultation

Are you ready to explore direct primary care with a whole health approach to your wellness? Our number one goal is always to be patient-focused and driven to provide the absolute best care. Schedule a consultation with us today and learn what personalized, integrative medical care can do for you.

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