What Is DPC and Why Is It Good for You?

What Is DPC and Why Is It Good for You?
February 13, 2019

Skyrocketing health insurance costs, government regulations, limited patient-provider time, and so much more have contributed to the demise of our healthcare system over the last few decades. There is often so much red tape that the patients, who need the most care, are more likely to get pushed to the side and go untreated. Or worse, patients are so afraid of debilitating debt and piled up charges that they don’t even seek medical care much less take preventative measures.

When I became a doctor, I knew that I wanted to bring medicine back the basics. I wanted to practice in a way that truly put patients first and helped them and their loved ones live in a way that was sustainable, healthy, and affordable.


DPC Made It Happen

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a straightforward model of healthcare. Through DPC healthcare providers can ditch the red tape and instead put their patients first. Breaking free from the common insurance model practices, the DPC model simply won’t bill insurance or third-party payers.

Rather, DPC practices like Primary Care Simplified offer monthly membership payments directly between the office and the patient. Our membership fees are less than your monthly cell phone or cable bills, and we even offer discounts for families.

You can see our membership options here!


What Are the Differences?

It really is as simple as it sounds, but it doesn’t mean that practices following a DPC model are incomplete or offering less quality healthcare. I like to think of DPC as restoring priorities. And using it allows me to take medicine back to its roots and spend time getting to know my patients and their families while creating lasting relationships.

I want my patients to trust me, to feel comfortable, and to see me as often as they need—DPC allows me to do so and allows my patients to be able to afford the care they deserve.

Direct Primary Care doesn’t accept insurance and gives patients and providers the opportunity to work directly on payments. Even though DPC patients don’t need insurance for their primary care, we still recommend our patients continue a major medical plan with a high deductible and health savings account to ensure financial help should hospitalization or referral to a specialist be necessary.

This model allows for savings when it comes to prescription costs, lab fees, connecting with specialists, and much more!

When you visit Primary Care Simplified you’re getting access to more:

  • Time
  • Personalized Attention
  • Affordable Costs


Special Features of DPC

Some common features of DPC that many patients love is the access they have to their doctors. At Primary Care Simplified, I have a variety of ways that patients can use to get in touch with me, even after hours. Through calls, texts, emails, messaging, etc. you never have to wait for a prescription or an answer to a health concern.

I can also offer patients quick appointment times, and same day appointments are typical, but the maximum wait could be up to 3 days. Traditional practices may take weeks or even MONTHS to get you in! Not only is the DPC model better for your pocketbook, but it’s actually better for your health—which is the real goal here!

When you’re able to develop real connections with your doctor and come in for minor health questions rather than catastrophes, you’re practicing preventative care. When you meet with me I will operate from a holistic approach to help you establish sustainable healthy habits.

Thanks to more accessibility and availability I will get to know you better, allowing me more of an insight into your health choices. This is turn will give me an idea of necessary preventative practices or screenings for your particular health needs.

The proof is in the pudding, preventative care is your best bet for a healthy life. In fact, studies have shown that DPC patients have:

  • 82% less surgeries
  • 66% less specialist visits
  • 65% fewer ER visits
  • 35% fewer hospitalizations

While it may be hard to believe, this is not a service just for the wealthy. DPC is truly for everyone and we hope you will take advantage of it!


No Restraints

As a practitioner following the DPC model, I can offer my patients more: more time, more ways of communicating, more personalized attention. I don’t want to see my patients struggle or have to work so hard to get the best medical care! I’m happy to be your neighbor, your community member, and much more than just a medical clinic.


If you want to learn more about Primary Care Simplified, my approach to medicine, or enroll in our membership program give us a call at 817-945-3949 or an email to hello@primarycaresimplified.com. Or you can always stop by and check out my practice at 151 Ridge Point Parkway, Suite 100 in Keller! I’d love to have you over!


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