Wellness Resolutions for 2019

Wellness Resolutions for 2019
February 27, 2019

It’s natural to reevaluate your habits, your health, and want to make improvements around the new year. So natural that most people’s new year resolutions include things like “go to the gym” and “lose weight”. But the farther we move away from January, the less motivated many are getting. It’s usually not easy to keep up with big goals.

We get busy, events get scheduled, and life takes over. But if you are serious about making your wellness a priority in 2019, here are some real resolutions that are doable and can make big improvements for your health!


Four Wellness Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Being healthy is much more than just exercising and maintaining a safe weight. Although they are important for your health, you should be doing other things as well.

If you know anything about our practice, you know we are committed to finding balance and come from the approach of The 6  Pillars to Energize Your Life: Patience, Physiology, Prevention, Personalize, Passion, and Purpose.


Ready to take your health seriously? Here are four easy ways to transform your wellbeing!

1. Move Your Body Every Day

Telling yourself to go to the gym every day, or even a few times a week, isn’t always realistic.

Instead, resolve to just get up and get going every day. Take your dog out for an extra walk, go play at the park with your kids, take a lap around your office a few times throughout the day, sign up for a class at the gym.

Whatever you do just make sure you are being active. Even if it’s getting off the bus a stop early, walking to that shop around the block, or even taking the stairs over the elevator, it’ll do you some good.


2. Regular Doctor Visits

Reserving doctor visits solely for times of sickness isn’t the best for you.

If you really want to take control of your health, then prevention should be a priority.

With the Direct Primary Care model we utilize at Primary Care Simplified, you can have direct access to Dr. McCracken all the time and develop a long-lasting meaningful relationship. This allows Dr. McCracken to get a “big picture” look at your overall health.

Signing up for our affordable healthcare membership allows you to make preventative healthcare a reality.


3. Prioritize Mental Health

Have you been struggling lately?

Whether it’s extra stress at work, your kids have been a handful lately, or maybe even anxiety stemming from hormonal imbalance has you feeling down, be sure to take it seriously.

We can help you uncover the root cause of your issues and refer you to any specialists or treatments that may be helpful.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of uninterrupted rest, some quality alone time, and have a non-harmful outlet to deal with your stress.


4. Cook More At Home

Take a look at you and your family’s schedule and try to incorporate more home-cooked meals. Not only could this become a fun family activity, but also you will see exactly what’s going into each dish and you’ll be more mindful of what you put into your body.


Our health and wellness should be the priority, and at Primary Care Simplified we strive to make this an easy task.

Learn more about our membership plans and how the Direct Primary Care model works by calling 817.945.3949 or sending a message to hello@primarycaresimplified.com.


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