Did Your Mask Give You Maskne? Here’s How to Solve it

Medical people wearing masks to illustrate the problem of mask-wearing causing maskne
March 30, 2022

To mask or not to mask? That’s been the question of the year. Whether you’re still masking up regularly or just for special occasions, you don’t have to let maskne get in your way!

Do face masks cause acne?

If you think that your face mask may have caused your face to break out, you aren’t imagining things. Maskne is not a new phenomenon – as people who had jobs that required regular mask-wearing before the pandemic can assure you. Since constant mask wear has been so widespread for a couple of years, getting pimples after wearing a face mask has been given a name, “maskne.”

We’ve worn masks in the office for two years now. We’ve been finding creative ways to make them more efficient and fun. We’ve also been figuring out the best way to solve maskne. Acne was bad enough when you were a teenager. To have it again as an adult is even worse!

Four Natural Ways to Treat Acne At Home

The solution to maskne or acne is to keep your skin clean without stripping it of its natural oils – and to keep your mask fresh and clean.

1 Keep up with your skincare routine

Maintaining your skincare regimen is essential. A GSR® protocol (see below) of cleanse, exfoliate, and tone will stabilize your skin and reduce the risk of breakouts in the areas covered by your mask. In addition, wash your face before and after wearing a mask for extended periods of time. This way you’ll find that you have fewer breakouts and pesky pimples.

2 Exfoliate regularly

Two ZO products to illustrate how to clear up acne or maskne caused by mask-wearing

Maskne will get worse if you don’t treat clogged pores and bacterial growth on the skin. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells and creates clean, soft, smooth skin. If you don’t already have a good exfoliation product, I recommend using ZO’s Exfoliating Polish as a physical exfoliator and Exfoliation Accelerator as a chemical exfoliator.

3 Mask up with a skincare masque

Treat yourself to a preventative or treatment skincare masque. ZO’s Complexion Clearing Masque is an excellent option to purify pores and soak up excess oil while leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated.

4 Wash your face mask

Your face mask collects bacteria, makeup, and other debris, so you want to make sure it stays nice and clean too. Reusable cloth masks can be washed regularly. KN95, N95, and disposable masks should be disposed of and replaced on a regular basis.

What’s a GSR protocol?

One of the easiest ways that I’ve found to keep up with regimented skincare is ZO’s GSR protocol. The GSR stands for “Getting Skin Ready.” Each GSR protocol comes with a wash, a scrub, and an oil control targeted to your skin type. You don’t have to figure anything out – just follow the directions and get your skin ready for some love!

Can My Doctor Treat Acne?

Of course! My team is happy to help you with any breakouts or flare-ups coinciding with mask usage. Call the office for an appointment, and we’ll get you set up with a free skincare assessment! We have a full range of ZO skin health products.

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