Direct Primary Care and Sedera: Your Cost-Sharing Solution

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March 15, 2022

Today I’m going to look at the reasons I’ve decided to partner with Sedera. I believe it’s important to you.

Have you been looking for an alternative to health insurance? You’re not the only one!

Over time, health insurance changed from being essential for emergencies or to cover high medical costs. It became the cover for everything, including primary care or preventive health care.

It wasn’t necessarily the patients (or consumers in this business model) who made that happen. The companies and our healthcare system shifted from a model focused on patient care to a model focused on big money.

Unfortunately, this has driven the prices up for patients. It’s also caused many to avoid the doctor’s office and to ignore their health maintenance.

Many frustrated healthcare professionals like myself chose to leave this conventional model and take a direct primary care approach. We do this to bring healthcare back to what it should be: patient-focused.

So you’ve joined DPC, but you still need something to cover high medical costs, right?

Although DPC healthcare can cover your primary and preventative care, it can’t cover everything:

  • Sometimes you need a specialist.
  • Or you may require surgery.
  • Or you may have an accident or emergency that requires hospitalization or care outside of our office.

These types of care can cost big bucks. That’s why we always recommend that our patients have major medical insurance to help cover these large medical expenses.

But we also know that insurance companies can be a hassle to deal with. In addition, not everyone can afford major medical insurance or wants to deal with traditional healthcare insurance companies. That’s why I’ve decided to partner with Sedera.

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What is Sedera?

Sedera is not an insurance company. It’s a medical cost-sharing service for primary care providers and their patients. It’s made up of community members who share the cost of each other’s medical expenses.

You pay a monthly membership fee to Sedera. A small portion of that money goes towards administrative costs. But the main share goes towards helping someone else pay their medical expenses.

The brilliance of cost-sharing is that when you have high medical costs, you don’t have to worry. That’s because your costs will be covered by what other community members pay in. And this way, you won’t get hit with a big bill all at once.

You also won’t have to go through the rigmarole of figuring out

  • what services are covered,
  • how much the co-pay is,
  • who is in your network, or
  • who isn’t!

The A team is also there to help you negotiate fees, saving you – and the other members – money.

Combining Our DPC Model With Sedera Healthshare

Let’s keep it simple (and you can read the FAQs here):

  1. Your membership fee to Primary Care Simplified covers your primary care costs (and wellness costs if you choose that plan).
  2. Your membership to Sedera covers procedures, tests, and prescriptions at discounted prices.

Medical care – and paying for medical care – should be simple and straightforward. I believe that the focus should be on the financial and physical health of the patient.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.

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