Boost Low Testosterone Naturally: Let’s Do This!

Boost Low Testosterone Naturally: Let’s Do This!
September 15, 2021

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with men about how to boost low testosterone – and specifically the difference between our bio-identical testosterone pellet therapy and the injection-based testosterone model used by most low testosterone centers.

So, let’s answer some questions here about your low testosterone treatment options.

Going to a T-Clinic is Surely More Convenient?

It may seem that way at first, but it isn’t necessarily true. The goal of testosterone replacement therapy is to even out your testosterone levels. To do that, your body needs to be consistently fed testosterone to minimize the peaks and valleys of treatment.

With injections, that means you need to go in weekly. That’s because patients who wait extended intervals between injections usually experience higher than optimal testosterone levels right after injection and a drop before their next injection. Testosterone cypionate has a half-life of seven to eight days which means only half of the dose is left in your body one week after injection.

The result is that if you don’t want rollercoaster-like changes in mood, sexual activity, and energy levels, you’ll need to go to the T-Clinic once a week. Wouldn’t you rather do something else with your Saturdays?

Pellet therapy, however, lasts for months. Once you have the pellet inserted under your skin, it will keep pumping out testosterone as your body needs it until the pellet finally breaks down and is absorbed by your body. That means you’ve got consistent doses of testosterone flowing into your bloodstream every day for months, and you only have to come to our clinic a few times a year.

Chart showing bioidentical pellet therapy features versus testosterone injectionsMy Friend Uses Self-Injections: He Doesn’t Go in Every Week!

I hear you. That does sound more convenient, but let’s look at two things here.

1) Do you really want to have to give yourself regular injections?

2) Testosterone injections – typically testosterone cypionate – are not truly bioidentical. Injections usually contain the salt form of testosterone, which doesn’t interact with the receptor the same way bio-identical testosterone does. It’s a testosterone treatment option, but not necessarily the best one for you. We prefer to boost low testosterone naturally.

Why is Bio-Identical Testosterone Better? Don’t They All Work the Same Way?

Bio-identical hormones and synthetic hormones don’t work in the same way. Testosterone delivers messages to various places in your body so that these places know what they need to do.

Testosterone does that by connecting up with a receptor – like a USB cable plugs into your computer. What happens if the USB gets bent out of shape? It won’t fit into the computer, and the information can’t get through.

Synthetic hormones are like a bent USB – they’re almost, but not quite, the exact match for a natural hormone, so they don’t fit into the receptors properly.

Bio-identical hormones – synthesized from plant sources – are exactly the same “shape” as natural hormones, which means they fit perfectly into the receptors, and you get maximum results.

I’d also like to mention that Low-T centers tend to have little physician oversight. At Primary Care Simplified, I’m here to work with you every step of the way to optimize your experience and boost your testosterone levels naturally.

We want you to feel your best! Contact us for a consultation today!

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