BHRT – the Small Pellet With the Big Effect

text chart of the endocrine system to illustrate BHRT
February 15, 2022

Why am I talking about BHRT pellets again? There’s a good reason! Have you been feeling off lately? Forgetful? Tired? Unmotivated? Unable to concentrate? Sweaty for all the wrong reasons?

The symptoms of hormone imbalance are not all in your head. They’re also not something you “just have to deal with.”

You’ve got more than 50 hormones coursing through your body right now. They’re chemical messengers taking all kinds of information to different parts of your body. Each hormone may have its own set of messages and functions that it provides, but all hormones are dependent on each other. If one hormone in your body gets out of balance, that will affect another hormone – and on and on.

So if you’re feeling out of whack, there may be a very good reason—a hormone imbalance.

Hormone Imbalance and BHRT

I’ve been treating men, women, and even children for hormone imbalances for years. If that surprises you, then consider this. Technically, diabetes is a hormone imbalance because the underlying cause of diabetes is insulin resistance – and insulin is a hormone. Although insulin imbalance has been well known for years, it’s only recently that researchers have become aware of just how much sex hormones (which naturally decrease as you age) affect how you feel, think, and behave.

In addition, let’s face it. Until recently, women weren’t encouraged to openly share their experience with menopause (technically also a hormone imbalance) and all of its symptoms. “Crazy” behavior was labeled in a whisper as “she’s going through the change.”

It’s been the same way with severe PMS (also a hormone imbalance) – an angry or irritable woman was said to be “irrational.” And let’s not even start with how difficult it’s been for aging men to openly talk about the symptoms that come with a natural decrease in testosterone.

Text circle stating you have 50+ hormones that are messengers, to illustrate using BHRT to rebalance hormones

It’s unfortunate that people still feel embarrassment or shame around these topics because we don’t have to suffer the symptoms of a hormone imbalance anymore.

Today, we have plenty of options to optimize hormone levels.

One of the most effective, in my opinion, is BHRT pellets.

Maybe you’ve already tried BHRT pills, patches, creams, gels, or sprays with no luck. I’ve seen it happen. However, I’ve also seen patients who were using other BHRT delivery systems and remaining on the hormone-symptom roller coaster – yet who’ve had great success with pellet therapy.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellets works well because:

  • Pellets are more reliable than patches or creams.
  • Using pellets is convenient and requires only 2-3 doctor visits a year.
  • BHRT pellet therapy provides consistent, stable results with no symptom roller-coaster ride.
  • These pellets are safe and natural.
  • BHRT pellets are customized just for you by your provider.

How BHRT Pellet Therapy Works

Bioidentical estradiol or testosterone is pressed into small cylinders about the size of a grain of rice. Your doctor inserts these pellets under your skin, where they consistently release healthy levels of hormones into your system for 3-6 months.

When compared to conventional hormone replacement therapy, there is proof that bio-identical pellets are better at

  • relieving unwanted menopausal symptoms
  • bone density maintenance
  • restoration of sleep patterns
  • improving sex drive and libido
  • lifting fatigue and improving energy levels

Are you looking for big effects with little effort?

BHRT in pellet form may be just the thing you’ve been looking for! My staff and I are dedicated to providing you with long-term solutions to keep you happy and healthy. Contact my office today for a consultation about BHRT pellets!

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