5 Reasons to Get Your Annual Physical

Man jumping with joy to see date his annual physical is due
August 28, 2021

Do you see your doctor every year? Considering that only 1 in 5 Americans get an annual physical, the answer is probably “no.”

There are many reasons that people choose not to get annual exams. You may wonder why you would even want to get an annual exam – especially when the doctor rushes through your history and throws a bunch of tests at you.

Many people agree that under the current American medical system, physical exams have become “rushed, impersonal, and bureaucratic” affairs that seem like they’re only about ordering tests.

But they don’t have to be. Not when you come to us. If you already feel you’d like to discuss how we do your annual physical, contact us. Otherwise read on to see why we think it’s so important.

Annual Physicals Serve a Purpose

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you and your loved ones should get an annual exam.

1 Keep Any Changes Under Review

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to get sick? Although it seems like it, medicine isn’t always about treating disease. Preventative medicine promotes health and wellbeing and attempts to prevent disease, disability, and death. This is the category that annual physicals, well-woman/child visits fall under. Annual physicals give your doctor the opportunity to review any changes that have occurred over the last year and to keep track of them over the long term.

2 Establish a Baseline for Your Health

It’s hard to know when something is going wrong if you have nothing to compare it to. Routine physicals establish a baseline that will help you and your doctor make future healthcare decisions.

3 Detect Early – Save Money

We all know that the treatment of chronic diseases and other illnesses can cost a fortune to treat. If we can detect a problem before it gets serious, you’ll save money on medical bills down the road.

4 Keep on Top of Vaccinations and Medications

Vaccinations are not just for children. Staying up to date on vaccinations prevents disease, absence at work or family events, and future healthcare concerns.

In addition, having a doctor review your medications, including over-the-counter medications, ensures that your medical problems are being treated in the best way possible. This will help prevent side effects and possible medication interactions.

5 Build Trusting Relationships Via Regular Visits

Getting annual physicals isn’t just about getting a bunch of tests. It’s about building relationships. One thing that I believe is missing from our current healthcare system is the opportunity to build a relationship between a doctor and her patient.

That’s why I have a Direct Primary Care Practice so that my patients can return year after year, and we can get to know each other. This way, you feel confident in the care you’re getting. And I have the ability to better treat you because I know your history, personality, and concerns.

Annual Physicals are Always Available

There’s no need to wait until you’re sick. Contact Primary Care Simplified today! We’re able to offer same-day appointments – even for an annual physical. I promise that no appointment will ever be shorter than 30 minutes, and I’m proudly available at all times for my patients!

My staff and I are ready to review your health history, goals, and concerns and to get you on the path of prevention.

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